Small Business Profit Building Program

The Unfair Advantage Profit Building Program has worked for literally thousands of businesses in a wide range of different industries.

It gives you the tools to apply proven profit-building ideas plus ongoing support to help you put the ideas in place - like a personal trainer to push you along and achieve better results faster. Each module contains a DVD of a live seminar on that specific topic together with an audio CD of the seminar, and written text with dozens of examples of highly effective marketing strategies.


Module 1: How To Double Your Net Profit

This is the big picture of marketing. It gives you an overview of the other modules in the program. You'll find countless practical, profit-building ideas that you can apply today - many of them involving absolutely no cost! Many people have noticed up to 20% increase in sales just from ideas from this first module alone. From the outset we'll help you set goals and targets and develop a Plan of Attack for the next 12 months to ensure you achieve them. This module contains 3 DVDs and accompanying audio CDs: The Big Picture, Goal Setting, Mind Set.

Module 2: Stand Out From The Crowd

Learn how to set your business apart from your competitors so customers choose you first regardless of price. How to take the focus off price so you can avoid discounting, and even put your prices up without losing customers. Discover how to make your business appear as the 'bright, juicy orange' amongst all the apples so customers spend more with you. Plus how to conduct a customer survey to create your 'Magic Story.'

Module 3:  How To Maximize Your Time

This module is on time management and shows you numerous ways to become more efficient. Some, which when applied, can easily add another two or three hours a week in productive working 'on' your business time. Even two hours a week is 100 hours a year which equates to two and a half 40 hour weeks of quality profit-building time without working any harder. Imagine what you could do with that!

Module 4: How To Create An Irresistible Offer

One of the most important components to the success of any marketing campaign is a powerful offer. This module gives a host of different ways you can create an irresistible offer that will have customers virtually begging you to let them buy! And we're not talking about discounting, many of these time-tested strategies will have customers lining up regardless of price.

Module 5: How To Create A Power-Packed Brochure

This module gives you a you step-by-step guide on how to produce powerful brochures and how to use them effectively so your hard-earned dollar isn't wasted. See the brochure a poolman used to get a 20% response rate from the cold market. Find out the skills employed by a Brisbane based manufacturer to increase his response rate to brochures by 6000%.

Module 6: How To Make Your Advertising Work Overtime

Do you feel you sometimes waste money on advertising? Most people do. This module gives proven formulae that dramatically improve the response of your ads. Learn how to spend less and get better results. Learn how to create irresistible offers that cost you nothing. Find out how to get radio, television and newspaper advertising at a fraction of the regular rates and the twelve power tips that will instantly increase your response rate.

Module 7: The Secrets Of Direct Mail

Discover the secrets experts use to make letters stand out, get read and make literally millions of dollars. Find out how Gold Coast Sandblasting company got 77 sales worth $68,000 from just 335 cold market letters! Discover the easy way to write dynamic copy so your letter doesn't end up in the bin like all the others. You'll get 25 pre-crafted letters that you can easily adapt to suit your business. This takes the hard work out of it and saves you valuable time.

Module 8: Phone Skills That Create A Lasting Impression

Learn how to turn complaining customers into delighted advocates and how to give your business a highly professional image that makes customers want to deal with your business. Learn extremely powerful, yet easy-to-apply phone techniques to turn price shoppers into customers. Learn the techniques used by Mark Baily, owner of Flim Flams Party Shop used to convert a price shopper into a $60,000 national sale of balloons!

Module 9: How To Win More Quotes & Tenders At Higher Prices

Find out how to turn your quotes and tenders into power-packed proposals that incorporate all the elements necessary to win more sales at higher prices. Discover how Geoff Lawrence of Koukouroo Engineers went from 20% quote win ratio to 70% in just three weeks! And how a local painter wins 80% of all his quotes at prices 10-15% dearer than his competitors.

Module 10: Sure-Fire Selling Strategies

This module gives you a host of highly effective sales techniques that will increase your sales significantly. You'll learn how to become a top salesperson without becoming pushy and overbearing; the five fundamental stages that must be covered to make a sale; closing techniques that make it easy for the customer to buy. These techniques were used by Nich Sachs, of National Steel Nails to win a $200,000 national account!

Module 11: How To Build Unbeatable Customer Loyalty

There's nothing more frustrating than losing customers to your competitors. Here, you'll learn techniques that create unbelievable loyalty so that, despite cheaper prices from your competitors, customers stay with you. You'll discover highly effective techniques to get customers to spend more and come back more often. Find out what Gordon McWilliam did to grow his profits by 20% every month for six straight months from existing customers!

Module 12: Develop Powerful Referral Systems

Most businesses rely heavily upon 'word of mouth' for a large percentage of their new business, yet surprisingly, not one in ten has a system to take control over this. This seminar gives you eight proven techniques to bring in an endless stream of the very best leads you'll ever get - referrals. You'll find a host of extremely effective examples and the keys to making them work. See the referral system a photographer on the Sunshine Coast uses to generate over $250,000 every year!

Module 13: How To Create An Effective Newsletter

A newsletter can be a powerful strategy that can double your sales. Learn how to save money on production and make a profit from your newsletter. Discover how to use your newsletter to test marketing campaigns so you don't waste money and simple ways to take the pressure off writing it. Learn how Doug Baumber used a newsletter to generate meant millions of dollars in additional sales for Parts Overnight. And how Toni Donovan, owner of Basic Ingredients turned a newsletter from a $15,000 loss into a $25,000 profit!

Module 14: How To Dramatically Increase Your Trade Show Sales

Trade shows and exhibitions offer you a chance to show your products and services face-to-face to more potential buyers in a short period of time than any other marketing strategy. You'll learn proven ways to collect a database of highly qualified prospects, plus time-tested techniques to make more sales 'on the day'. This module is a must for anyone investing time and money in trade shows. Learn the techniques used by experts to creates millions of dollars of sales from one trade show.