Our Coaches

Rod Hurst – Sunshine Coast                                    

How’s this for a track record…

Rod has owned his own highly successful newsagency which he    
built up and systematised so it ran under management, dramatically
increased the turnover and more than doubled the net worth of the
business before selling it for a substantial profit. He has also owned
3 hair salons. 
He trebled the turnover and doubled the sale price of
one in just 12 months using highly effective techniques that anyone
can apply to almost any business. Prior to owning the newsagency
Rod spent 9 years as a financial planner. Rod’s financial & business
experience, combined with The Unfair Advantage Profit Building
Program has created a surefire recipe for success. 

Here's a sample of the results Rod has helped his clients achieve:

· Electrician - doubled his turnover in under 12 months.
· Travel agent - increased sales by a massive $750,000 in the first year.
· Roofer - did the previous year’s turnover in the first six months of the program!
· Adventure Tour company - from a net loss of $5,000 last year to well on track to making a net profit of over    $100,000 this financial year!

And that’s just a few. The wide ranging experience of this highly professional husband and wife team along with their passion for helping people to grow their businesses has ensured impressive results for their clients and they can do the same for you. Rod will also help you systematise your business so it becomes a turn-key operation. In other words, it works, so you don’t have to. And surely that’s what you went into business for in the first place, wasn’t it?

Sigrid de Kaste - East Brisbane  

Sigrid knows first hand how effective the strategies in The Unfair Advantage Profit Building Program can be. That’s because before becoming a coach, she was a client and successfully applied the strategies to two businesses.

The first was a jewellery store on the Gold Coast. By creating business sytems and implementing staff motivational concepts she built the business up and sold it for a handsome profit. She then purchased a stationery store in Brisbane and successfully built it up to the point where the exceptional growth was so impressive that the business sold within 2 weeks of being listed for sale! Sigrid has a great deal of experience and has seen many changes over the years and knows how important it is to stay ahead of competitors when it comes to owning a business.

Although learning to fully understand the customer and their needs helps improve sales, creative marketing makes the real difference. And that’s what you’re after, Sigrid can definitely help you here. Sigrid’s husband, Henry adds considerable value to clients with his expert customer service skills. In Sigrid’s words: “I feel the time is right to share my knowledge with other business owners. Coaching is so rewarding when you help people to take back control over their destiny and surge forward in profitability.”

Brian Brown - Brisbane 

Brian is the guru of ‘low cost marketing solutions’. For example, a $2 outlay for a major franchise chain resulted in a 700% increase in sales. On average, Brian’s clients see a $164,000 increase in sales within the first six months of working with him.

Brian’s experience goes back over 20 years, starting a furniture manufacturing business at age 16, then becoming actively involved and consulting to various Government based management committees like the Dept. of Health and Dept. of Youth and Community Services (where Brian was the youngest person in NSW to hold a ‘Chairman’ position).

Brian has worked with, and created various franchise groups from start-up to completion, including systemization, trade marking, sales process, development and implementation of ‘unique’ marketing systems and all the relevant documentation required. His accomplishments include State Manager and head sales trainer for a group of security consultants of the World’s largest security dealership. By implementing one simple strategy resulted in close to $200K of additional sales in less than six months. Within the highly competitive ‘flooring industry’, Brian has worked with two of Australia’s largest companies, from sales consultant to management.

Alan Millet – Shanghai, China 

For 15 years, Alan successfully ran his own business in the computer software industry so he knows first hand the challenges that face all business owners. He also knows what it’s like to market a business without proper training so he decided to utilise and develop his marketing/sales skills and purchased an Unfair Advantage franchise.

Testament to this is the fact that for one of his clients, Alan designed a local newspaper ad that generated over 120 phone calls in 2 days. Alan then developed a turnkey system for converting leads into sales so that his client’s business grew from 4 staff to 10 in one month and added $1.2 million to the annual turnover! In his own words, “I wish I’d known then, what I know about marketing now – it would have made things so much easier.”

Alan’s strengths are the blend of wide experience in many industries combined with creativity and strong analytical and accountancy skills. Alan is a qualified Vocational Education Trainer and his extensive sales experience, to both businesses and home owners, make him a perfect all-rounder to coach your business in a holistic manner. he began coaching on the Gold Coast but within a few years set up base in Shanghai, China and has coached there since 2009.

Dan Hamilton – Colorado, USA 

Dan spent the first part of his life as an F16 fighter pilot for the US Airforce giving him a discipline and ability to react under pressure. Upon leaving the airforce a few years ago, Dan began his career in what he’s always loved – helping business owners through creative and highly effective strategies. He is truly a strategic thinker who knows no limits and has concocted some amazing (and very profitable) ideas for some of his clients. Rather than wallowing around in the weeds (as he puts it), Dan looks at the big picture and thinks outside the box when determining the best route to help his clients get there. Dan is the first of our international coaches, and has been fully trained over a period of four months in The Unfair Advantage methods here in. You’ll find him easy to get along with and challenging to work with given, he’ll stretch your boundaries so you achieve all you can be in your business.