About Us

Bret Petersen, CEO

Hello and welcome to our website.

The Unfair Advantage was founded by Bret Petersen (CEO and author of The Unfair Advantage Profit-Building Program) in 1997. Bret has been in sales and marketing for thirty years and has worked in Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Singapore and the USA. In the 1990's Bret developed a strategy for one the News Group papers that generated over $1,000,000 in annual advertising revenue and increased circulation by 14%. He launched his own highly successful newspaper in the heart of the 1987 stock market crash and grew it to the third highest circulating paper in the country within the first twelve months of operation. Bret has spent literally millions of dollars in advertising to find out with precision, what works and what doesn't in today's market. He spent two years writing The Unfair Advantage Profit-Building Program and has continually upgraded and fine-tuned it to this day to bring you what has been heralded as the best program of its type on the planet.

The Unfair Advantage has grown to become one of the most successful (in terms of client successes as well as our own), marketing companies around. The company has worked with literally thousands of businesses in almost every conceivable industry; from professional services like accountants and lawyers, to tradespeople of all description; from small individual retail shops to major retail outlets; from franchisers to franchisees; from wholesalers and manufacturers to distribution agents.

Over the past decade we have developed strategies, techniques and software that rival any known around the globe. By applying these ideas, clients often see measurable increases in turnover within months - sometimes, weeks. With such a convincing track record, it's no wonder we are able to offer an unbeatable guarantee of your success.